KAMAZ took part in the second specialized exhibition Eurasia Expo 2023 which was held from December 4 to 7 at the Central Exhibition Complex of Tehran (Iran).

The large-scale exhibition was attended by representatives of government authorities and business circles, entrepreneurs and top managers of large companies from 23 countries, including Iran, Russia, Vietnam, China, Turkey, Pakistan, India, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, etc. The extensive exposition of Eurasia Expo 2023 presented enterprises from the oil and gas, chemical, automotive, food, medical, transport and other industries and sectors of the economy of the countries participating in the event.

At its stand, KAMAZ presented the KAMAZ-54901 truck tractor designed for high-speed long-haul transportation. The truck is equipped with a fuel-saving KAMAZ-910.50-560 engine with a displacement of 12.9 liters, a power of 560 hp, and a torque of 2,600 Nm, as well as a 12-speed automatic transmission with a retarder, which has low noise levels, high efficiency and reduced fuel consumption. Separately, it is worth noting the modern, spacious cabin with a flat floor and two berths, which provides an increased level of comfort for the driver’s work and rest, which reduces fatigue and, as a result, increases the safety of cargo delivery.

As experts from the Foreign Trade Company KAMAZ note, since the resumption of supplies to Iran, KAMAZ has sold about 700 vehicles there. At the same time, there is a reason to believe that truck sales volumes in this country will increase significantly, primarily due to the launch of the KAMAZ-54901 vehicle, presented at the Eurasia Expo in Tehran. By the way, it is the segment of truck tractors that is the most popular among Iranian consumers today, so the company expects that there will be demand for the flagship of the newest K5 line. The representatives of FTC KAMAZ JSC hope that the technical characteristics and price positioning of the KAMAZ-54901 vehicle will make it highly competitive among the Chinese brands dominating the market, and in terms of engine power, they can even surpass the main competitors in Iran.

The Iranian market has always been strategic for KAMAZ. Considering the current political realities and the dynamic development of the North-South transport corridor, this export direction has become even more significant and priority for the company. Thus, the auto giant is already actively working to obtain European-style certificates in Russia with the completion of their subsequent certification in Iran. In addition, a portfolio of orders is being discussed as part of a project to equip the Iranian part of the International Transport Corridor “North-South” with vehicles, as well as an application by the local logistics operator Iranian Shipping Lines for the supply of KAMAZ truck tractors under Russian financing. In this regard, the company intends to expand the existing service network in the country by equipping and re-equipping service centers in a number of large cities in Iran along the entire route of the North-South transport corridor.

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