Tehran to host 2nd EAEU exclusive exhibition

The Eurasia Exhibition provides a great opportunity to strengthen trade connections between Iran and the Eurasian Economic Union. During the opening of the Eurasia exhibition in Iran, the deputy minister and head of Iran’s Trade Promotion Organization emphasized that this event offers a favorable opportunity to engage in direct discussions on free trade with the Eurasian Economic Union and improve trade relations.

Regarding the significance of this event and Iran’s role as the host, Hamid Zadbom stated that the organization of the Eurasia specialized exhibition in Iran provides a platform to gain further insights into Iran’s and the union’s member countries’ export capacities. This hosting presents a valuable opportunity to facilitate free trade negotiations with the Eurasian Economic Union.

Noting that the Eurasian Economic Union, with a population of 185 million people, holds great importance as a trade partner for Iran, he further mentioned that in spring 2017, a temporary free trade agreement was signed between Iran and the EEU, encompassing 862 goods. This agreement officially came into effect on October 27, 2018. Currently, efforts are underway to transform this agreement into a comprehensive free trade agreement with the Eurasian Economic Union.

The deputy minister and head of Iran’s Trade Promotion Organization added: The outcome of this agreement should manifest in the trade and private sector connections between Iran and the member countries, fostering further expansion of economic and commercial relations.

Regarding the influence of hosting the inaugural Eurasia exhibition in Tehran on the trade ties between Iran and five nations, Hamid Zadbom mentioned: Due to the COVID-19 circumstances, the number of attendees and visitors from Iran and other countries decreased. However, we anticipate a higher level of participation in the upcoming exhibition.

The inaugural ceremony of the Eurasian exhibition was graced by the presence of notable figures including Hamid Zadbom, Deputy Minister and Head of Iran’s Trade Promotion Organization; Danil Ibrayev, Head of the Eurasian Business Council; Vladimir Obydenov, Head of the Russia-Iran Business Council; Aziz Mansouri, Head of the Department of Cooperation at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Kazem Jalali, Iran’s Ambassador to Russia; Amir Abedi, President of the Iran-Kazakhstan Joint Chamber; Hassan Zamani, CEO of the International Exhibition Company; the Chairman of the Economic Policy and Development Committee of Volgograd; the Belarus Trade Counselor; as well as representatives from various country embassies. These distinguished individuals graced the international exhibitions held in Tehran.

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